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Electric scooter china

Looking for an electric scooter in china? Apart from the obvious size of an electric scooter vs. electric bike, did you know that there are big differences between these two travel devices?

Electric scooter china. Let us break it down for you.   Electric scooters are not allowed on city bike paths. On average, electric scooters weigh more than 200 lbs, while electric bikes are between 40 lbs – 55 lbs depending on the brand and battery size. This might not seem like a big deal to you, but also consider this. Say you travel 30 km away from your home and murphy's law hits and your electric scooter battery goes dead. Now what? You can't pedal an electric scooter home. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to pedal it to the end of the street. Pedals are installed as a technicality so the manufacturer can have his electric scooter skirt around the "electric bike" bylaws. Don't believe us?   

Ask any e scooter china manufacturer why do they include pedals when you can't pedal their electric scooter any distance, let alone back to your home. Electric bikes on the other hand are very different. If the battery goes dead for whatever reason, you'll be able to pedal home, just like a regular bike. Electric bikes are really a three-in-one bike: you can pedal them like a regular bike, or have assisted pedal power or just turn the throttle and go, without any pedaling. Also, were you aware that the majority of electric scooters have batteries that are very hard to remove and recharge inside your house or garage?  Yup. You'll likely end up running an extension cord to juice up the electric scooter nightly. Electric bikes on the other hand have portable batteries that can be easily removed and carried into your residence with one hand. Simply plug the battery in and 4-6 hours later, it's fully recharged and ready to go!

Interested in trying an electric bike for a day?  We think like the rest of people that have tried an electric bike for a day, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised too and discover a new thrill of excitement for an electric bike vs. an electric scooter.