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I didn’t take offence to the comment

Larson Electronics has released a powerful new LED high bay fixture designed to provide a more efficient and reliable alternative to metal halide fixtures. The GAU-HB-30X5W-1227 LED High Bay Light produces light output comparable to 400 watt metal halide lamps yet is lighter, uses half as much power, and is more reliable, making it ideal for industrial applications where reliable lighting is critical to maintaining smooth operations.

The GAU-HB-30X5W-1227 LED high bay light provides operators in industrial operations the ability to improve lighting quality while also increasing efficiency. This LED high bay light pulls only 150 watts at 1.25 amps from standard 120 VAC, yet produces light output comparable to that of 400 watt metal halide light fixtures. Unlike metal halide, these LED fixtures run much cooler and do not experience color shifting and erratic operation as the lamp ages. These fixtures also do not require any ballast or large reflector assembly, making them smaller, lighter, and more reliable than standard HID systems which require ballasts to power the bulb and large reflectors to effectively distribute light output. These LED light fixtures can run for 50,000 or more hours with no discernible color shift or changes in operating performance. These lights come with an adjustable trunnion style mounting bracket, allowing operators to adjust the fixture angle for optimum beam placement and work area coverage. The GAU-HB-30X5W-1227 Led high bay light is ideal for operators who want to improve on the reliability and efficiency of their existing lighting systems without compromising light quality and coverage of the workspace.

“Is this your car?” I was asked as I pulled into a downtown Montreal parking lot with the 2013 Nissan Juke Nismo.

After answering no, the reply from the attendant surprised me a little bit: “Good, because it’s ugly! I don’t know how anyone can drive it.”

And such is life for the Juke, with a design that is either loved or hated, but rarely falls anywhere in between.How are solar outdoor lighting products different from other lighting, like fluorescent or incandescent?

I didn’t take offence to the comment for a pair of reasons: First, I don’t own the Juke and, secondly, I really don’t find it to be ugly.

Is it traditional? Certainly not. Nissan took a gamble with the Juke and it is finding some traction among consumers, and the new performance version gives them another option to consider.

The Juke Nismo starts at $26,We carry a extensive line of Parking Lot Lighting inventory.693 once the $1,695 destination charge is added in. The optional package that contains Nissan’s continuously variable transmission and a torque vectoring all-wheel drive system costs $3,480, bringing the final price tag to $30,173.


The Nismo Juke doesn’t only get some fancy badging to differentiate it from non-Nismo models. That just wouldn’t do.

Instead, changes were made in an effort to increase the aerodynamics, and Nissan says the Juke Nismo has a 37-per-cent improvement in downforce over regular models.I'm not sure how led downlight fit into that equation if they are left on.

Front and centre are the most obvious changes, including a modified front fascia and grille, and doing away with the lower fog lights for a strip of LED accent lights.

The side skirts have been reworked to improve airflow, and the wheel arches are more muscular. A way to quickly determine that the Juke you are looking at is a performance version is to look at the side mirrors, which are painted red – a constant theme in the Nismo – on any of the three body colours offered: Sapphire Black, Brilliant Silver and Pearl White.

The exterior look is capped by 18-inch lightweight aluminum-alloy wheels featuring a 10 twin-spoke design and finished in dark anthracite.

Inside, the Juke gets redesigned suede-trimmed front seats with red stitching and the Nismo logo embroidered into them.

Red pops up throughout the cabin, including as the background colour on the tachometer and on the Alcantara and leather steering wheel — which feels divine in my hands.

Like the outside, the interior styling won’t be for everyone, especially the hard plastic centre console that stretches into the cozy back seats.

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